Sport has had a massive impact on my life – Playing our country for 8 years on the National Volleyball Team and Professionally across Europe for 10 years obviously has influenced me and impacted my life in so many incredible ways. However, it is through coaching that I have been taught so many valuable “life lessons” from the teams/kids that I have been so fortunate to coach.
My journey in baseball began when my wife asked me to volunteer to coach with Trout Lake the first year my son played T-ball. I said no because I felt I didn’t know anything about coaching baseball. Well…. the following year my wife signed me up without me knowing and I find myself 10 years later coaching every level of baseball at Trout Lake, as well as joining the board and taking on the role of League Head Coach. So, it turns out that the baseball stuff a person can learn. I have been a volleyball coach and teacher at Little Flower Academy for the past 13 years where we’ve won 3 provincial championships and 3 bronze medals in AAA girls volleyball. As with anything there are moments of learning but one of the most rewarding aspects of coaching for me is seeing the shy or kid who lacks confidence try something new or challenging and succeed. Those moments are so special.
Probably the most striking moments for me are when the team is playing at such a high
level because of all the hard work they have put in and they don’t need to be
micromanaged in key moments because they know what needs to happen and how to
make it happen… I would call this “staying out of the way so the kids show they’re
FLOW.” I am always so proud of my athletes when they achieve these moments and they
really provide me with so much Joy to see the team playing in such a state. It just has
everything to do with them just being immersed in the game and “dialed into” whatever
they need to do. It is magical for me to watch this happen.

Some things that I try to bring to all of my teams is a High Performance Attitude but also
fun. If a kid isn’t having fun… then I am doing something wrong. However, with fun
obviously comes dedication, buying into the process (this really just comes down to
putting in the work), but most importantly being a good teammate and creating a
common ideal or team philosophy. As a coach I think my best attribute is getting the
group, as a whole, to play at its highest level in the moments that matter the most.
Trout Lake Little League has given so much Joy to me and my family. I feel so fortunate
that my wife pushed me into coaching baseball sending me on an unexpected journey
where I have been so blessed to share so many special moments with my two sons and
now I get to reinvigorate myself with my daughter who has begun her journey into TL
baseball this year in Rookies. 5 & 6 year olds are just so entertaining!!
Go Lakers Go!