In 2014, Little League Baseball Canada announced a country-wide grass-roots volunteer award in memory of Marthe Dubroy who passed away in January 2014.

Marthe was the Canadian Coordinator of Little League Baseball Canada for over 20 years and was well known across the country as she worked tirelessly to provide the best service possible to all the volunteers in our program.    Marthe understood the sacrifices that are made every day by our volunteers and she dedicated her life to helping everyone contribute and advance the development of children participating in Little League Baseball, Softball, and Challenger.

The Marthe Dubroy District Volunteer of the Year Award is designed to provide local leagues and Districts the opportunity to honour a deserving individual with this prestigious distinction which recognizes the selfless efforts of the thousands of volunteers at the grass-roots level of Little League Baseball in Canada.

One nomination per District is permitted each year. The nomination must be submitted through the District Administrator to the Little League Baseball Canada office by e-mail to

The deadline for submissions is May 30th each year.

The selected volunteers of the year will have their award shipped to the respective Districts to be awarded to the volunteer by the District Administrator at the District’s final Major District Tournament game. Little League Baseball Canada will follow up with a notice on our website and a release in August.

Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to receiving your submissions.