Senior Investment Counsellor and Portfolio Manager @ BMO Private Investment Counsel, District 1, Little League, an acknowledged baseball & mountain bike junkie.

1) How would your players describe you?  They would call me calm and funny. 

2) What do you feel are your coaching strengths?  Having a thorough expectation of what can be accomplished by my athletes and have a road map on how they can attain them.

3) How long have you been coaching Little League?  I have been coaching for five years, starting with T-ball moving up to the all-Star Major team. 

4) What does a typical practice plan look like for your teams?  Early in the season, we like to have the team work as a single unit, allowing the coaches the opportunity to assess player skill level and allow teammates to work together/get to know each other.  After a couple of weeks, practice start with a warm-up, then baserunning, followed by three stations and a scrimmage. 

5) What is your biggest achievement you’ve had as a baseball coach?  Completing my NCCP training.