I moved to Canada in 2012 from New York. Growing up in the states, Baseball was a huge part of my life from playing in the New York well known SYAG baseball organization, to playing in high school and beyond. I have been part of the Hastings Little League organization now for 10 years as a dad, board member, and a coach. I am fortunate to work in a financial organization that allows
me to have the time to devote to little league baseball and be the coach for my daughter now for almost 10 years. I have spent my time in Hastings little league coaching, T-Ball, Rookie, Minor, Major, Selects, and All-Stars and have enjoyed every bit of it.

  1. How long have you been a coach? I have been coaching Hastings Little League
    for 10 years. I have coached from the Tball level all the up to the Major level.
  2. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a coach? There is nothing
    more satisfying then watching kids take what you taught them and put it to use
    effectively. I have always preached that coaching little league house ball is not just
    about winning, it’s more about giving the kids the skills they need to perform at a
    level which makes them enjoy the game.
  3. What are your strengths as a coach? I would say knowledge….being part of
    this game for 45 years has allowed me to obtain a lot of knowledge to teach and
    demonstrate to the kids. I also like to keep things light with the understanding of
    work, dedications, and passion must be given at every practice and games. In my
    opinion, trying to coach or teach from an angle of yelling and hard discipline simply
    is not effective at the little league level.
  4. How would your players describe you? I would think my players would
    describe me as one of them just only much older and bigger. I try to keep things
    fun and silly at all times and introduce different competitions and rewards for the
    kids to keep their energy levels up along with their drive to succeed and win.
  5. What drew you to become a coach? I wanted my daughter to have the
    comfort in joining a mostly all boys team. She was apprehensive not having other
    girls around and having me as her coach gave her the comfort to come out and be
    the only girl on most of her teams. This has allowed her to be playing in the
    Hastings organization for 9 years.