Little League Baseball has been played in Canada since 1951, with the location of the first leagues chartered outside of the United States in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, British Columbia. Since that time the program has spread right across Canada, and at present there are over 30,000 boys and girls playing Little League Baseball in Canada, in some 200 leagues. In 1952 Montreal, Quebec was the first foreign entry in the Little League World Series.

The western provinces participated in tournament play with American teams in the Western Region until 1965. In 1953, Little Mountain Little League, Vancouver, B.C. advanced to the World Series as representative of the Western Region.

At the 1957 International Congress in Houston, Texas, Mr. Peter J. McGovern, President & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Little League Baseball , Inc., announced the appointment of Commander John P. Singleton R.C.N. (Retired) as Director General of Little League Baseball Canada, with an office in Ottawa, Ontario. In 1969, the Gyro Club of Ottawa constructed a Little League stadium and office building on land leased from the City of Ottawa. Canadian headquarters continues to operate out of the building which was sold to the City of Ottawa in 1977, and leased to the Ottawa Little League District Association.

In June, 1971, John Singleton retired as Director General due to health reasons. Mrs. Gladys Anderson was appointed Canadian Coordinator and Secretary of the Canadian Region.

The first Canadian Congress for Little League Baseball in Canada was held in Ottawa, April 28-30, 1972, with purpose of forming a Canadian organization with affiliation to International Headquarters in Williamsport, Pa. A Provisional Board of Directors was elected, chaired by Mr. Eli Radomsky, with a mandate to develop a constitution to govern the operations of Little League Baseball in Canada, and take the necessary steps to apply for a Letters Patent for Federal Incorporation as national Sports organization.

In April, 1973 Little League Baseball Canada incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act, with affiliation to Little League Baseball, Incorporated.

At the Canadian Little League Championships at Victoria, B.C. in August, 1973, the Canadian operation was placed in the hands of the Board of Directors of Little League Baseball Canada.