During Little League Internationals annual fall meeting in November 2019, Kevin Kvame was elected to the Little League International Board of Directors as Canadian Field Director.

Kevin Kvame (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)
Kevin Kvame has been volunteering in the Little League program for the past 35 years, including service as a District Administrator for the last 24 years and three years as an Assistant District Administrator. An executive of Little League Canada for 25 years, Mr. Kvame has attended seven Little League Congress events and has served as the tournament chair for the Junior League Canada Region Championship and other regional and divisional championships over the last decade. Along with his experience at the district level, Mr. Kvame has also spent three years as a League President, three years as a manager, and two years as a coach. Outside of his Little League experience, Mr. Kvame also serves as the President and CEO of Under the Lights Sports and Entertainment Inc., and has also been a member of the Lethbridge Sports Council and the Lethbridge Sports Bid Committee.